Who is MC?

I’m a police offi­cer in the Great State of Cal­i­for­nia (says so on the seal). I’m for­tu­nate to be one of those assigned to two wheels.  I’ve been a police offi­cer for some­where between three and thirty years.  My age is inde­ter­mi­nate.  You may think you know where I work.  You are wrong.

Cold Weather

What I detail here is culled from years of expe­ri­ence and train­ing.  My aim is to enter­tain, edu­cate, and (from time to time) unload.  The sto­ries I tell here vary from ones I have per­son­ally expe­ri­enced to ones I have wit­nessed.  The timeta­bles I claim may or may not be accu­rate.  That is to say a story I ref­er­ence may have hap­pened last week, last month or last year.  I take a lot of lit­er­ary license.  If you think you were involved in one of those calls, the odds are against you.

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My employer (to the best of my knowl­edge) is aware of my lit­tle cor­ner of the inter­webs; how­ever, they do not endorse what I write.  Make no mis­take, I am not here rep­re­sent­ing my depart­ment.  The opin­ions I ref­er­ence are mine and mine alone.  Keep in mind my first aim above was “enter­tain”.  I am not famil­iar with your department’s poli­cies, so don’t go say­ing, “MC said I should XYZ” because you’ll prob­a­bly get fired.  If you are a civil­ian and are offended by the things I write, you should assume that what­ever I wrote was writ­ten with sar­casm and tongue firmly planted in cheek.

Is that me? I’ll never tell.

My hope is that I elicit an occa­sional chuckle or per­haps a guf­faw.  In this blog, you will find tips and tricks, peri­odic ques­tions to chal­lenge your decision-making in my some­what reg­u­lar Ask MC series, and shenani­gans a-plenty.

You will often find me ref­er­enc­ing my part­ner in crime, Happy Medic.  You can click on The Crossover Show tab to hear us live and (sort of) in person.

I tend to use a bit of the cop jar­gon in my writ­ing.  If you are won­der­ing what in the world I’m talk­ing about,  check the glossary…which I have yet to create.

Most of my ram­blings will be Law Enforce­ment related, but I will ref­er­ence other top­ics as my mood dic­tates.  I’m more than merely a police offi­cer.  I’m a dad, hus­band, writer, and Christ fol­lower.  I’ll touch on all of those things from time to time.  Mostly, though, you’ll get an insider’s look at what life looks like from the sad­dle of a motor.  *Cue Bön Jovi’s Wanted Dead or Alive.

You can find me in all the old famil­iar places:

Email:  motorcop1@gmail.com

Twit­ter —  @motorcop1

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Now buckle up, put down your cell phone, obey the posted speed limit and you won’t become fod­der for my blog.



Never miss a post! Com­ing soon: Free eBook for subscribers!