Parenting: We’re Doing It Right

Today, the Wife and kids were out and about doing their usual Wife/kids stuff.  I was at the PD fuck­ing around on Face­book com­pil­ing impor­tant sta­tis­ti­cal data, à la Happy Medic, when I came across the Wife’s sta­tus update.  Why it was on Microsoft Access, I have no idea, but that’s not really ger­mane to this post and I don’t appre­ci­ate the com­pletely base­less alle­ga­tion, I’ll have you know.

At any rate, they all saw a pur­ple heart license plate and a Wounded War­rior Alumni bumper sticker.  The Wife told the McLets “an Amer­i­can Hero is dri­ving that car”.  She went not to explain what a pur­ple heart sig­ni­fied a bit about the Wounded War­rior Project.

This was the rest of the sta­tus update:

McLet#2 (four-years-old): ummm, excuse me, Mom, but that doesn’t look like a hero’s car.

The Wife: What do you think a hero’s car looks like? 

McLet#2: I don’t know. It’s miss­ing some­thing.… (she thinks for a sec­ond). Maybe flames?

McLet#1 (7-years-old): McLet #2, it’s not the car that makes the hero. Any­one can be a hero.

I know it’s weird that my eldest calls our mid­dle child “McLet #2″, but it’s a habit we just can’t get her to break.

And I can’t argue that hav­ing flames on your car is pretty badass.  That kid is hep.

Also, McLet #1 and #2 are incred­i­ble.  (So is McLet #3 (2-years-old), by the way, but in this case was mys­te­ri­ously silent.)

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