The Crossover Show 010

Happy Medic: The "First Responder" Hater

crossover show

MC and the Happy Medic bandy about the term “First Responder”.

Don’t mis­un­der­stand the sub­head­ing above. HM doesn’t hate first responders…he hates the term.

MC? Not so much.

The guys go ’round and ’round, give each other a mer­ci­less hard time and even­tu­ally agree to dis­agree while agreeing.

It’s like find­ing four-leaf clover in a wormhole.

Boy, we get angst-y at the end of batch record­ings after many beers…we also earn our explicit tag.  You have been warned.


The Crossover Show 009

The Origin Story...Tarantino X-Men Style

crossover showEvery story has its origin.

The Crossover Show is no dif­fer­ent; rather, the hosts are no different.

Come along to dis­cover when/how/why Motor­cop and the Happy Medic came to be your hosts and, more impor­tantly, life­long friends.

From col­lege days and an alleged date between MC and a pre-Mrs. HM to a retreat shared years apart and an anony­mous inter­net date request, MC and HM were des­tined to be.

Enjoy The Crossover Show’s Ori­gin Story!

(No BOLO today…we are noth­ing if not slaves to break­ing the rules. #Irony)


The Crossover Show 008

The Uniform

crossover showOur hosts, MC and HM wel­come their first guest of the Crossover Show Reboot: Ben Pugh with!

The guys talk with Ben about the ori­gin of Uni­form Sto­ries and the (alleged) heav­ily drug-influenced deci­sion to invite our ques­tion­ably intre­pid hosts to con­tribute to the site.

This week’s episode is brought to you by all the words that rhyme with pew.  Don’t worry…it’ll make sense when you lis­ten to the episode.

No BOLO this week as our com­plete focus was on Uni­form Sto­ries.  Check back next week for a return to our reg­u­lar format!



The Crossover Show 007

Regulators! Mount Up!

crossover showMC and HM are back with their super secret spy episode.  Get it? 007?

What­ever, dude.

MC throws an unan­nounced curve­ball at HM regard­ing police being “the most reg­u­lated indus­try in the country.”

In a recent col­umn enti­tled “Police lead­ers: Don’t let fear of scrutiny affect cops’ use of force deci­sions”, a sub­head­ing on the Face­book post made the asser­tion that police were the most reg­u­lated indus­try in the country.

MC, sens­ing HM’s even­tual eye-roll, posed the ques­tion to him…Is it true?

Spoiler Alert: HM disagrees.

But that’s not the inter­est­ing part. That comes when MC starts to throw sce­nar­ios at HM and HM’s answers shed some light on just how silly EMS reg­u­la­tions (par­tic­u­larly in the state of CA) are.


Go watch Caprica. Then Bat­tlestar Galac­tica. Trust us.



The Crossover Show 006

The Kitchen Table: An Opportunity to Learn

crossover showMC and HM talk about life around the kitchen table. In the fire­house. At home.

But not the PD…those poor bas­tards have to work for a living.

Seri­ously, though, so much oppor­tu­nity is present when shar­ing a meal, be it around a for­mal table or an ad hoc one on the hood of a patrol car. Come lis­ten to the guys dole out some advice for rook­ies and vet­er­ans alike.

Break bread. Bond. Learn.


Essen­tial­ism — Greg McKeown

The One Thing — Gary Keller

#Sweet­LoveAtThe­Fire­House (Don’t worry…the end of the show will clear that com­ment up.)


The Crossover Show 005

What is Your Memoir About?

crossover showGet to know a bit more about your hosts, MC and HM. The guys talk about what their mem­oir would be about if it had to be writ­ten right now.


Their hope is that you pon­der what your own mem­oir would be about. Would you read it? If not, why not? More impor­tantly, if not, what steps can you take today to turn your per­sonal ship around?


BOLO — Resources from this Episode

Michele Cushatt — Undone

Dave Ram­sey

SuperTroop­ers 2

Mar­cus Lut­trel — Service


The Crossover Show 004

Success: What does it look like?

crossover showIn this episode, MC and HM talk about suc­cess. What it looks like in your pro­fes­sional life and your per­sonal life.

BOLO — Resources men­tioned in the show:

Simon Sinek — Ted Talk

Ted Radio Hour via NPR - Success

Michael Hyatt’s Site

Daniel Lapin’s Thou Shall Prosper

Ken Davis’ Secrets of Dynamic Communication

Peter Miller’s The Smart Swarm

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