The Crossover Show 005

What is Your Memoir About?

crossover showGet to know a bit more about your hosts, MC and HM. The guys talk about what their mem­oir would be about if it had to be writ­ten right now.


Their hope is that you pon­der what your own mem­oir would be about. Would you read it? If not, why not? More impor­tantly, if not, what steps can you take today to turn your per­sonal ship around?


BOLO — Resources from this Episode

Michele Cushatt — Undone

Dave Ram­sey

SuperTroop­ers 2

Mar­cus Lut­trel — Service


The Crossover Show 004

Success: What does it look like?

crossover showIn this episode, MC and HM talk about suc­cess. What it looks like in your pro­fes­sional life and your per­sonal life.

BOLO — Resources men­tioned in the show:

Simon Sinek — Ted Talk

Ted Radio Hour via NPR - Success

Michael Hyatt’s Site

Daniel Lapin’s Thou Shall Prosper

Ken Davis’ Secrets of Dynamic Communication

Peter Miller’s The Smart Swarm

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The Crossover Show 003

If You're a Cop without a Gun, You're a Security Guard

crossover showIn this episode, HM and MC talk about the genius deci­sion to dis­arm school resource offi­cers in Baltimore.

Spoiler alert: It’s a really stu­pid idea.

The post on can be ref­er­enced here: Bal­ti­more School Police — No More Guns (It should be noted, this show was recorded before Bal­ti­more lost its col­lec­tive shit in April).


Smart Pas­sive Income with Pat Flynn

Gary Lud­wig on Ama­zon: Blood, Sweat, Tears, and Prayers: Fire­fight­ing and Ems from Some of the Tough­est Streets in Amer­ica or sim­ply go to his web­site.




The Crossover Show 002

Death by Firing Squad?!

crossover showWelcome to The Crossover Pod­cast: Episode 2!

In today’s episode, Happy Medic and I dis­cuss the following:

Time Man­age­ment — Also known as how to get your damn paper­work done in a respectable amount of time.

Dri­ver Ques­tionsHM throws a DMV ques­tion at me. I crush it.

The Death Penalty — Utah has recently rein­stated the Fir­ing Squad option for the death penalty. I’ll bet you never guess where we land on this issue!


Resources we talked about dur­ing the show:

The Mir­a­cle Morn­ing: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guar­an­teed to Trans­form Your Life (Before 8AM)

Smart Pas­sive Income Podcast

Think Like a Freak Podcast

Radi­o­lab Podcast


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The Crossover Show 001

The Badassery Continues

crossover show

In this episode, we tackle com­mu­ni­ca­ble dis­eases and what “unarmed” means.


We men­tioned a few dif­fer­ent resources of which we want you to be aware. They are listed below for your convenience.

12 Lead ECG

Steve White­head

Emo­tional sur­vival for law enforce­ment: A guide for offi­cers and their families

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The Crossover Show 000

The Reboot!

crossover showThis is it, friends! The Crossover Show back!

Episode Zed is live! In this episode, Happy Medic and I sat down a few months ago and came up with a new for­mat we’re excited about.

What you’ll be hear­ing every show goes thusly:

  • Lineup — We give you a brief­ing on what that day’s show will cover
  • 10–8 — We dis­cuss the topic(s) of the day
  • BOLO/APB  (Be On The Lookout/All Points Bul­letin) — Any spe­cial top­ics that need high­light­ing that we feel you should pay close atten­tion to
  • 7S/AIQ (Code for back at the station/Available In Quar­ters) — We talk about our lives out­side of work

That’s the gist of it for now.

I know there were quite a few folks that enjoyed our Google Hang­outs (as did we), but we wanted to change it up a bit and take a more con­cen­trated stab at bring­ing you value and entertainment.

Finally, one last favor, if you’d be so kind. Well, tech­ni­cally, two.

First, just lis­ten to the show! Our goal is to keep them to less than 40 min­utes (per­fect for your commute…so long as your com­mute is about 40 minutes).

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The Return of The CrossoverShow Podcast!

crossover showThat’s right, my friends, The Crossover Show Pod­cast is mak­ing its tri­umphant return on May 1st!

My intre­pid co-host and best buddy, Happy Medic, and I are return­ing to the air­waves. After tak­ing damn near a year off, we have com­pletely re-tooled the format.

So…what’s dif­fer­ent?

We’ve returned to our orig­i­nal media of straight-up audio. Although we both immensely enjoyed the Google Hang­out expe­ri­ence, we decided that an actual for­mat and some, what’s it called…forethought?, may be a nice addition.

Con­se­quently, we spent some actual time hav­ing a pint com­ing up with a coher­ent show that will deliver you some excel­lent content.