The Return of The CrossoverShow Podcast!

crossover showThat’s right, my friends, The Crossover Show Pod­cast is mak­ing its tri­umphant return on May 1st!

My intre­pid co-host and best buddy, Happy Medic, and I are return­ing to the air­waves. After tak­ing damn near a year off, we have com­pletely re-tooled the format.

So…what’s dif­fer­ent?

We’ve returned to our orig­i­nal media of straight-up audio. Although we both immensely enjoyed the Google Hang­out expe­ri­ence, we decided that an actual for­mat and some, what’s it called…forethought?, may be a nice addition.

Con­se­quently, we spent some actual time hav­ing a pint com­ing up with a coher­ent show that will deliver you some excel­lent content. 

The Crossover Show — Episode 41 Animal Pron

Revenge of the Chachi! If that makes no sense, sit down, hit play and learn all about Chachi the ex-cop turned Alaskan Fish­er­man, Motorcop’s strange obses­sion with ani­mal porn and how that dis­cus­sion turned into a story about a man being arrested after turn­ing in what he thought was an FBI warn­ing on his computer…which also con­tained child pornog­ra­phy. Many of the usual sus­pects are in atten­dance on this, the internet’s only Fire/EMS/Police show!

crossover show

Links from top­ics dis­cussed this week:

Man turns him­self in for child porn after com­puter virus tells him to.  Seri­ously.

Fam­ily wants home­owner who shot and killed tres­passer brought to jus­tice.



Live on Google Hang­out every Thurs­day at 2000 Pacific!

The Crossover Show — Episode 40 Hump Show

The boys are back on Google hang­out to dis­cuss Asiana flight 214, a Sacra­mento Fire­fighter mak­ing a traf­fic stop and Orange County train­ing medics to be part of active shooter sce­nar­ios. Some of the usual sus­pects join the show live to hear MC com­pletely fail at our cur­rent events game “What? Too soon?”

crossover show

Links for sto­ries we cover:

Medics in the OC to take part in active shooter inci­dents.

Fire­fighter secretly wants to be a cop.  You know…like all firefighters.

Thurs­days at 8PM pacific, look for a link to the show the Face­book page at show time! All are welcome!

The Crossover Show — Episode 39 — Let’s Mug That Cop!

This week, your hosts dive back into the cav­ity search (pause of rimshot), talk about why fire­fight­ers are so angry at cops that they attempt to mug them, MC goes off on another rant about rob­bery vs. bur­glary, and why jail deputies have The Worst Job Ever.

crossover show

Here are the links to some of the sto­ries we talked about.  You know, so you don’t think we just make this silly shit up.

Is that a revolver in your vagina or are you just happy to see…oh, nope, it’s a revolver.

Let this be a les­son, ladies.  Don’t get pulled over in Texas.  They like to get freaky.

Skinny dip­per dis­tracts home­owner while boyfriend BURGLARIZES the home.

FDNY tries to mug NYPD.  Seri­ously.

Maybe you should lis­ten to your spouse if she sug­gest mar­riage coun­sel­ing.

Be sure to join us (nearly) every Thurs­day at 8 pm Left Coast time for another episode!  I will post the link on the Face­book page after we go live or you can watch via Happy Medic’s YouTube page.


The Crossover Show — Ep. 38 The Bra Shakes

Motor­cop and the Happy Medic Justin Schorr dive into the most impor­tant sto­ries in Fire, EMS and Law Enforce­ment for this week. They land on a Florida case involv­ing a male offi­cer who asked a female dri­ver to lift her shirt and shake her bra.

crossover show

MC tries his hand at answer­ing trivia regard­ing recent events in our weekly “What?!?!  Too Soon?” fea­ture.  Happy Medic finally gets his Ille­gal vs Unlaw­ful quandary answered.  And, as always, the live audi­ence is part of the show.

Fol­low MC and HM on Face­book for the links at show time and sub­scribe to this chan­nel to get new episodes as they fall off the tree.

Here are the links to sto­ries we cov­ered in this week’s show:

Louisiana Offi­cer pulls over off-duty cop and BS ensues

The Bra Shakedown


Thanks for tun­ing in!

The Crossover Show — Ep. 37 Writer Sean Lynch

Writer and for­mer cop, Sean Lynch, stops in to dis­cuss his new book Wounded Prey and gives an inside look to being an offi­cer in one of the most men­tally and morally chal­leng­ing aspects of police work: Sex crimes.  Mon­day on the blog, I’ll be fea­tur­ing a review of Wounded Prey as well as launch­ing a con­test in which you can win a signed copy!

crossover show

But don’t worry friends of the show, the sec­ond 30 min­utes includes our live panel dis­cussing naked peo­ple using mass tran­sit and our favorite game “What? Too soon?”

Speak­ing of naked peo­ple using mass tran­sit, check out the wack­i­ness that is the Bay Area Rapid Tran­sit sys­tem at its, well, wack­i­est.  Be fore­warned, NSFW.  Did you see any­thing wrong with BART PD’s response?

We also talk about a touch­ing story out of Col­orado Springs.

As per usual, we’ll be back every Thurs­day at 2000 hrs Left Coast time for more shenani­gans! Be sure to tune to the Happy Medic YouTube page or keep an eye on the Face­book page for a link to join the show!

Until next Thursday…Cheers!