The Crossover Show – 042

Let's all protest the marching rally!

crossover showOn this week’s episode, HM and MC talk about a recent incident on the Bay Bridge leading into San Francisco. (Check out the resources below.)

They dig a bit into the minutiae of the subtle differences between a protest, a march, and a rally. Not all of these are created equally, friends!

Listen to the guys talk about the life lessons HM Jr. Sr. learned at the hands of dilettantes and how she has now been armed with the knowledge required to bring about actual change instead of simply yelling to be heard.

Also, #BringBackRollerGames.

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MC’s piece on BLM


Skip Hail, CaesarRewatch Clue or go see Deadpool.



The Crossover Show – 041

EMS at AmericaBall - Good Resource or Good Excuse to Watch Free Sports?

crossover showSports!

It’s SuperBowl Weekend! The irony of the timing is, well, ironic. MC and HM recorded this show a few weeks back and the subject is America Ball (that’s football for you not in the know).

Well, really, it’s about the use of resources at football games. Do there need to be ambulances at every high school football team in the nation? There are typically officers present…do they need to be there?

Listen in as MC and HM hash it out Crossover-style.

As a special treat, find out if the rumors of the origin of MC’s wrist injury is accurate!


NerdFitness – An amazing site/community dedicated to a different view of health and fitness.


The Crossover Show – 039

Author BJ Schneider

crossover showOn this week’s episode, MC and HM interview author, medic, and cop, BJ Schneider.

That’s right. One man. All those labels. He’s very tired.

Come listen in as BJ regales the guys with stories from his 25 years of service in New Orleans (or ‘Nawlins, if you will) as both a medic and a cop. If you’re not enticed by a story entitled “To Pee or not to Pee”, you may be listening to the wrong podcast.

If you’ve ever wondered what Eggplant Lady means, did, or contributed to BJ’s life, you’ll definitely want to give this episode a listen.

You can find out more about BJ on his website and, of course, you can purchase his book on Amazon!



The Crossover Show – 038

The Importance of Life Planning - or how to avoid getting tasered.

crossover showThis week, HM and MC talk about whether or not tasering a dead guy’s relative is really the best use of one’s time.


Lots of interesting asides in this case. Who has standing in the deceased home? What should be done if a DNR can’t be produced? What does your department policy dictate? Should you use your taser when someone refuses to leave? (Hint: see spoiler.)


The Mystery Show – Trust me when I tell you that you’ll be just as interested in Jake Gyllenhaal’s height as I was by the end of episode 5. Sounds ridiculous, I know…true nonetheless.

Stephen King’s Bazaar of Bad Dreams


The Crossover Show – 037

Does a good Chief need to be a good cop/firefighter?

crossover showDo you know a cop’s cop? How about a firefighter’s firefighter?

Do they have what it takes to run the department? Or are the two mutually exclusive?

In this week’s episode, HM and MC talk qualifications. Not pedigree or talking points, but real honest-to-goodness requirements for the head position in any of the three disciplines.

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On a side note, we realize MC’s mic was a bit fuzzy this go ’round. We’ll continue to work to improve the audio quality of the show!

The Crossover Show – 036

Perception & Reality - The Chicago Edition

crossover showIn this, 2016’s very first episode, MC and HM talk about MC’s personal burr under his saddle: Perception and Reality.

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times, “Perception is reality.” The guys address this idiom through the lens of a recent Chicago PD shooting.

On a side note, both HM and MC (along with their respective brides and families) wish you a Happy New Year!

MC and HM hope you’ve enjoyed the 36 episodes they brought you in 2015 and that you look forward to more entertaining and educational content in 2016!


Jon Acuff

Bird by Bird by Ann Lamott

Amazon Prime – Man in the High Castle

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The Crossover Show – 035

The Christmas Episode - In Which We Cover Zero Police/Fire/EMS topics

crossover showToday is Christmas! Predictably, our intrepid heroes/family men are deep into spiked eggnog and enjoying their families.

Lucky for you, though, MC and HM took the time to put together a little Christmas show.

It is completely devoid of Fire/EMS/Police topics, though. Because, good Lord, why don’t you people enjoy some frivolity for simple frivolity’s sake?!

With that in mind, the guy’s drink questionable beer, talk more Star Wars theory and discuss favorite childhood Christmas gifts.

So, throw another log on the fire, cue up the show and enjoy yourself a lovely Christmas Day with The Crossover Show!