The Crossover Show — Episode 41 Animal Pron

Revenge of the Chachi! If that makes no sense, sit down, hit play and learn all about Chachi the ex-cop turned Alaskan Fish­er­man, Motorcop’s strange obses­sion with ani­mal porn and how that dis­cus­sion turned into a story about a man being arrested after turn­ing in what he thought was an FBI warn­ing on his computer…which also con­tained child pornog­ra­phy. Many of the usual sus­pects are in atten­dance on this, the internet’s only Fire/EMS/Police show!


Links from top­ics dis­cussed this week:

Man turns him­self in for child porn after com­puter virus tells him to.  Seri­ously.

Fam­ily wants home­owner who shot and killed tres­passer brought to jus­tice.



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The Crossover Show — Episode 40 Hump Show

The boys are back on Google hang­out to dis­cuss Asiana flight 214, a Sacra­mento Fire­fighter mak­ing a traf­fic stop and Orange County train­ing medics to be part of active shooter sce­nar­ios. Some of the usual sus­pects join the show live to hear MC com­pletely fail at our cur­rent events game “What? Too soon?”


Links for sto­ries we cover:

Medics in the OC to take part in active shooter inci­dents.

Fire­fighter secretly wants to be a cop.  You know…like all firefighters.

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The Crossover Show — Episode 39 — Let’s Mug That Cop!

This week, your hosts dive back into the cav­ity search (pause of rimshot), talk about why fire­fight­ers are so angry at cops that they attempt to mug them, MC goes off on another rant about rob­bery vs. bur­glary, and why jail deputies have The Worst Job Ever.


Here are the links to some of the sto­ries we talked about.  You know, so you don’t think we just make this silly shit up.

Is that a revolver in your vagina or are you just happy to see…oh, nope, it’s a revolver.

Let this be a les­son, ladies.  Don’t get pulled over in Texas.  They like to get freaky.

Skinny dip­per dis­tracts home­owner while boyfriend BURGLARIZES the home.

FDNY tries to mug NYPD.  Seri­ously.

Maybe you should lis­ten to your spouse if she sug­gest mar­riage coun­sel­ing.

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The Crossover Show — Ep. 38 The Bra Shakes

Motor­cop and the Happy Medic Justin Schorr dive into the most impor­tant sto­ries in Fire, EMS and Law Enforce­ment for this week. They land on a Florida case involv­ing a male offi­cer who asked a female dri­ver to lift her shirt and shake her bra.


MC tries his hand at answer­ing trivia regard­ing recent events in our weekly “What?!?!  Too Soon?” fea­ture.  Happy Medic finally gets his Ille­gal vs Unlaw­ful quandary answered.  And, as always, the live audi­ence is part of the show.

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Here are the links to sto­ries we cov­ered in this week’s show:

Louisiana Offi­cer pulls over off-duty cop and BS ensues

The Bra Shakedown


Thanks for tun­ing in!

The Crossover Show — Ep. 37 Writer Sean Lynch

Writer and for­mer cop, Sean Lynch, stops in to dis­cuss his new book Wounded Prey and gives an inside look to being an offi­cer in one of the most men­tally and morally chal­leng­ing aspects of police work: Sex crimes.  Mon­day on the blog, I’ll be fea­tur­ing a review of Wounded Prey as well as launch­ing a con­test in which you can win a signed copy!


But don’t worry friends of the show, the sec­ond 30 min­utes includes our live panel dis­cussing naked peo­ple using mass tran­sit and our favorite game “What? Too soon?”

Speak­ing of naked peo­ple using mass tran­sit, check out the wack­i­ness that is the Bay Area Rapid Tran­sit sys­tem at its, well, wack­i­est.  Be fore­warned, NSFW.  Did you see any­thing wrong with BART PD’s response?

We also talk about a touch­ing story out of Col­orado Springs.

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The Crossover Show — Ep. 36 — Pints for Prostates

Pints for Prostates founder Rick Lyke joins the boys for the first half of our show to talk about how he started the group that gets guys to learn about their prostate using the uni­ver­sal lan­guage of beer!


I know! Totally cool!

Then all hell breaks loose when the boys go back to being their old selves talk­ing SCOTUS tak­ing your DNA as well as another edi­tion of “What? Too soon?”

Arti­cles to which we refer:

The Supreme Court upholds DNA swab­bing.

LAPD responds to Call of Duty HQ.

Air Ambu­lance Tragedy and the Fundraiser to help their families

Next week, the boys will be emcee­ing the Pints for Prostates event at Pyra­mid Ale House in Wal­nut Creek, CA! We’ll be attempt­ing a live Google Hangout…stay tuned!

The Crossover Show — Ep. 35 “WTF, Google?”

Chaos ensues when Google Hang­out divides the show and it’s hosts from our live audi­ence. HM and MC dis­cuss recent events, the dif­fer­ence between under the influ­ence to drive and under the influ­ence to make med­ical deci­sions and pre­mière our new in poor taste “What? Too soon?” seg­ment quizzing MC about recent events in the Fire, Police and EMS world. Lis­ten, won’t you?


Arti­cles to which we refer:

New­town shoot­ing police report not com­plete for another three months.

Chula Vista PD motor injured in crash.

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