Little Suzie Signs Her No Suicide Contract. Atta Girl.

Imag­ine this. A lit­tle girl is get­ting ready for school. She has her lunch, her lat­est work of art, a jacket if it’s cold…and her No Sui­cide Contract.


Amer­ica, have you lost your col­lec­tive shit?

I’m look­ing specif­i­cally at you, Alabama. Yes, I am about to throw you col­lec­tively together as a state. Right, wrong, or indifferent.

Why am I sin­gling out Alabama? Because a pub­lic ele­men­tary school in Mobile made a 5-year-old sign a “No-Suicide-Contract.”

You read that right.

This is so epi­cally and foun­da­tion­ally stu­pid as to be offensive…but I guess when you’re the 5th worst in the coun­try inso­far as edu­ca­tion is con­cerned, we shouldn’t be so sur­prised. When less than 70% of your high school­ers actu­ally grad­u­ate, it’s hard to back you up.

Let’s look at the inep­ti­tude sur­round­ing this situation:

How to Screw Up Making $100K (Hint: No Budget)

When I orig­i­nally posted this col­umn on, there were a lot of com­ments and ques­tions about how a guy that made some much money could muck it up so badly.


What fol­lows is my response:

In my last post, I mon­i­tored reader com­ments on Facebook.

It seems a few of you took issue with the amount of money I made and the wildly lousy way I spent it.

I don’t dis­agree with the lat­ter sen­ti­ment (at least how I did it five years ago); how­ever, let’s go a bit deeper with the num­bers. After all, I pur­port to be a finan­cial coach on top of a motor officer.

The Case of the Twofer.

There is an elu­sive beast in the world of traf­fic enforce­ment.  I can count on one hand the num­ber of times I have bagged the creature.

Untitled design-2

I have seen glimpses of it from time to time, but they were too small to be keep­ers.  What you are look­ing for is the full-grown adults.  The more aggres­sive and egre­gious, the more likely they are to cap­ture your attention.

I’m talk­ing about the tricky Twofer.

This past week, I had occa­sion to not only spot one, but I nearly took it to the taxi­der­mist to have it mounted on my wall.

Warn­ing: A Twofer is a dan­ger­ous beast and should be treated with cau­tion.  Pro­voke a Twofer too much and you risk any num­ber of neg­a­tive outcomes.

1 Simple Finance Tool to Maximize Your Cop (or any other) Salary: A Budget

This post was orig­i­nally pub­lished on  It is posted here with permission.


In 2009, I was earn­ing $100,000 per year as a top-step patrol offi­cer and I was liv­ing pay­check to paycheck.

I was work­ing an aver­age of 30 to 40 hours of over­time a month just to pay the bills. That’s two-and-a-half months of addi­tional work per year and an extra week per month.

That kind of out­put is unsus­tain­able if the rest of your life is to be at all bearable.

Why are Cops Shooting Unarmed Men?

Folks, it’s prac­ti­cally an epi­demic! Seem­ingly nary a day passes when the news isn’t report­ing on some poor, defense­less man being gunned down by maniac, loose-cannon cops.

Unarmed means not a threat, right?


I broke out the British swears for this one.

Let me explain some­thing to those of you that buy into this kind of reporting.

This minute’s “unarmed man” is the next minute’s armed man.

But, MC,” you say. “How is that possible?”

Here’s how.

New Feature at MCPD! Ask MC is Back!

The last few weeks have found me quite busy what with two weeks off and then the kick off for Kilted to Kick Can­cer.


But fear not, my faith­ful friends, I have not for­got­ten you!

Quite the oppo­site, in fact.  A few weeks ago, I sent out a sur­vey to my email sub­scribers and was happy to see a major­ity of you want­ing to see new inter­ac­tions here on the blog.

Specif­i­cally, a return to The Crossover Show and a video fea­ture as well.  I beg your patience on these as I am busy work­ing on the eBook for my email sub­scribers (There is no short­age of areas for you to sign up for a FREE copy of my upcom­ing eBook…it won’t be free for long) as well as con­duct­ing my Kilted duties.

That being said, how­ever, I was able to find some time to install a new fea­ture many of you asked about in the com­ments of the survey.

Ask MC!

That’s right, I am bring­ing back Ask MC.  And just what the hell is that, you ask?  For those of you that have been around for awhile, it was a fea­ture from back in the day where I would answer email ques­tions from read­ers.  Now, though, I have a tab on the right side of the page.  Click on that sucker and you can leave me a voice message.

I will com­pile them and answer them in a new, short-form pod­cast called, of all things, Ask MC.  You can also send me a mes­sage via the Face­book page as well!

Thanks for your con­tin­ued patience dur­ing the Kilted month.

As per usual, you are the best read­ers on the planet and I am over­come with grat­i­tude for the lot of you!

I See Your #IceBucket and I Raise You #DunkYourJunk

Kilted to Kick Can­cer made the deci­sion to address the #Ice­Bucket videos you’ve seen inun­dat­ing your feeds of late.


We addressed it in our own spe­cial Kilted way.

The #Ice­Buck­ets have had their time.  Sep­tem­ber belongs to Kilted to Kick Cancer.


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