The Crossover Show — 031

The Holiday Show!

crossover showMerry Christ­mas! Happy Thanks­giv­ing! Joy­ful [insert hol­i­day here]!

Wel­come to the Hol­i­day Show! You may think we’re talk­ing specif­i­cally about one hol­i­day or another (and who could blame you based on the tim­ing), but we’re really talk­ing about the three dis­ci­pline expe­ri­ence of hav­ing to work holidays.

How do cop/fire/EMS fam­i­lies han­dle it when mom and/or dad have to work on the kids’ favorite holiday?

MC, HM, and Mrs. MC (she’s back!) col­lab­o­rate about their expe­ri­ences with holidays.


The Crossover Show — 030

Welcome Mrs. MC!


crossover showMC and HM wel­come a spe­cial guest to this week’s episode: Mrs. MC!

Come lis­ten in as the guys and Mrs. MC talk about empa­thy. Empa­thy at home and empa­thy on the street.

Leave it to Mrs. MC to take issues with MCLet #3 and extrap­o­late them to what those in the Three Dis­ci­plines can con­sider when deal­ing with dif­fi­cul­ties dur­ing their workday.

As an added bonus, they also chat about a book that has helped MC and Mrs. MC make some seri­ously pos­i­tive head­way with their spir­ited off­spring, MCLet #3.


Peace­ful Par­ent, Happy Kids: How to Stop Yelling and Start Connecting



The Crossover Show — 029

What are your retirement plans?

crossover showMC and HM love to talk about the future. They’re always mak­ing the plans.

With each pass­ing day, retire­ment looms ever closer. You may be decades away from retire­ment. You may be a few months away. Either expe­ri­ence is imma­te­r­ial to the topic of dis­cus­sion today.

Do you need money to retire? Of course, but this show isn’t about your 401(k) or your 457(b).

It’s about the big­ger pic­ture of work­ing toward the goal. What will you do when you aren’t strap­ping on that gun belt or rub­bing down that fire engine?

In today’s episode, the guys talk about what their plans are…maybe you’ll find some inspiration!


The Crossover Show — 028

The Technology Edition

crossover showHM and MC take to the stream­ing air­waves this week on Periscope!

What?! You don’t fol­low MC on the ‘Scope? For shame…

Well, in that case, you missed the guys record­ing the show live! That means you won’t be hip to some inside jokes and you totally missed catch­ing MC’s killer ‘do.

Since tech­nol­ogy was part of this week’s record­ing, it seemed fit­ting to take on the topic of tech­nol­ogy in law enforce­ment today. We talk body cams, cell phone videos (à la South Car­olina High School), and, believe it or not, the Zom­bie Apocalypse.

This won’t be the last episode that will be live streamed dur­ing record­ing, so be sure to fol­low @motorcop1 on Periscope!


The Crossover Show — 027

In a Podcast Far, Far Away...

crossover showWe are 49 days away from the best day of the year.

Not Christ­mas, you fool!  Star Wars Episode VII — The Force Awakens!

Ordi­nar­ily, you’d be lis­ten­ing to HM and MC on the internet’s best Police/Fire/EMS pod­cast talk­ing about maybe a high school stu­dent in South Car­olina being a dis­re­spect­ful jerk and what hap­pened after…

…but not today!

Today, they are talk­ing Star Wars!

You want rumors? They have ‘em!  You want the­o­ries? They have ‘em!

Next week, they’ll return to their usual schtick…but they just couldn’t resist talk­ing about the great­est film fran­chise ever.


The Crossover Show — 026

Confidence vs Arrogance

crossover showMC and HM con­fi­dently present episode 26 of The Crossover Show. They arro­gantly feel it is the internet’s best, first, and only Police/Fire/EMS pod­cast fea­tur­ing con­fi­dence vs arro­gance you’ll lis­ten to today.

In the world of Police, Fire, and EMS there is no short­age of con­fi­dent men and women. Often, how­ever, they are accu­sa­tions of “arrogance”.

The guys take a shot at crack­ing the code of when one can morph into the other, who decides, and they even break open the Google machine to get some actual, real-life definitions.

Also, there’s beer.

If you haven’t rated the show, please visit iTunes and rate the show six stars! If you have sug­ges­tions for improve­ment, please send the guys an email and let them know what they can do to bet­ter the show!


MCPD Giveaway!

Win a Copy of Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement!


Required read­ing for every cop!

It struck me the other day that I haven’t done a give­away for quite some time.

A cou­ple of weeks back, I had some train­ing from a local ER doc related to drugs and their effects on the body. The doc (soon to be a guest on The Crossover Show, by the way) was kind enough to bring copies of Dr. Kevin Gilmartin’s book, Emo­tional Sur­vival for Law Enforce­ment.

I’m a huge fan of Dr. Gilmartin’s work and I can’t rec­om­mend it enough. I’d love to buy cases upon cases and dis­trib­ute them to every cop I meet (like what the doc did for us). Of course, I can’t afford that.

How­ever, I can make the copy the doc pro­vided to me avail­able to one lucky winner!

Who doesn’t like a giveaway?!

Enter Here!

If you aren’t the win­ner, you can click either the link above or the pic­ture to go to Ama­zon and order your own copy.  I can’t encour­age you enough to read this book if you are a fel­low enforcer of the law.

I waited 15 years to read this book and it was 15 years I could have spent very differently.