The Crossover Show 010

Happy Medic: The "First Responder" Hater

crossover show

MC and the Happy Medic bandy about the term “First Responder”.

Don’t mis­un­der­stand the sub­head­ing above. HM doesn’t hate first responders…he hates the term.

MC? Not so much.

The guys go ’round and ’round, give each other a mer­ci­less hard time and even­tu­ally agree to dis­agree while agreeing.

It’s like find­ing four-leaf clover in a wormhole.

Boy, we get angst-y at the end of batch record­ings after many beers…we also earn our explicit tag.  You have been warned.


The Aussie Makes a Return Visit

Enjoy this memory whilst we make some more

Nick trying to fit in with the Po-lice.

Nick try­ing to fit in with the Po-lice.

In honor of the fact that my buddy, Nick, is return­ing for a visit from the Land Down Under, I thought I’d repost the shenani­gans we got into dur­ing his last visit in 2014.

I fig­ured since I’ve got quite a few new read­ers, they’d enjoy the hos­pi­tal­ity that I and the Happy Medic showed Nick dur­ing his week stay­ing with us. And for you long-time read­ers, you get to relive the enter­tain­ment of an Aussie in traf­fic court.

(Also, as you read this I’m prob­a­bly suf­fer­ing from Over-Imbibing Syn­drome, so cut me some slack…)


I have to tell you one of the fun­ni­est sto­ries I have ever had the priv­i­lege of wit­ness­ing.  It involves an Aussie, a green jump­suit, a judge…and a lollipop.

I promise it isn’t a dirty joke.

A few weeks ago, the Happy Medic and I were lucky enough to play host to a gen­tle­man from the other side of the freak­ing planet.  If you’ve ever watched The Crossover Show, you may be famil­iar with the antics of one Nick Williams.

He of the ran­dom head­wear in an oddly hon­or­ing homage to yours truly.

Months ago, Nick threat­ened to make his way to our cor­ner of the world and he made good.

Nick arrived as a pos­si­bly men­tal reader/viewer and left as a def­i­nitely men­tal friend.  He had the oppor­tu­nity to ride with SFFD and spent a day with me on patrol.  (I opted for a car since Nick was too much of a wuss to ride bitch.)

Speak­ing of our ride-along, Nick also got to wit­ness the Amer­i­can judi­cial sys­tem in action, aka Traf­fic Court.

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As a way of set­ting up the forth­com­ing shenani­gans, I should men­tion that I like the judge we have. He has a good sense of humor and knows when it’s time to get down to busi­ness.  He is also fond of kids and always treats them well when they are in court…be they defendant’s kids or cop’s kids.

One of the ways he shows his appre­ci­a­tion is he keeps a small bowl of candy (usu­ally in the form of lol­lipops) on his desk.

On the day in ques­tion, he walked in and saw an off-duty offi­cer sit­ting with his son.  The judge tossed the cop a sucker and it made its way to the kid.

Cue the whin­ing from all us cops that didn’t get suckers.

The judge said, “What, you guys want some candy?”

To which I replied, “I brought an Australian!”

The judge said some­thing in reply, but to be hon­est, I was too amused with myself to hear what he said.

Even­tu­ally, my turn came to testify.

Then, this happened:

Judge: MC, would your friend like some candy?

MC: I am sure that he would, your honor!

The judge took his bowl and put it on the ledge of the bench.  No one moved.  No one made a sound.

Until I looked at Nick and, like a scold­ing father, said, “Well, go on, then!”

Nick turned an imme­di­ate deep crim­son shade, which when com­bined with the green jump­suit of his ambu­lance com­pany from back home only added to my bliss, and shuf­fled up Peanuts-style to the bench.  He grabbed him­self a lolly and made his way back to his seat.

It. Was. Precious.

The best part?

Pho­to­graphic Evidence:





He was a great sport and I must have told the story back at the PD a dozen times.  I’ve been smil­ing ear-to-ear as I write this.

On a seri­ous note, it took an expe­ri­ence like hav­ing a new friend come across the world to spend time together to remind me of the power of social media and what this blog has meant to me over the last six years.  Nick fell into a groove with Justin and I like we’d been mates for years.

I can’t tell you what that means to me.

I know an Aus­tralian that has a place to crash when­ever he finds him­self in the my neck of the woods.

Cheers, mate!


And as I re-read this, Nick is wing­ing his way to SFO and will land within an hour. The beer has been brewed (and bought). The MClets, HM Juniors, and the Wives are eagerly antic­i­pat­ing our mate’s arrival.

Over a year later and still the power of how small social media makes the world has me in awe.

Stay tuned for the even­tual shenani­gans on what we’re call­ing the #Three­Badge­Beer­Tour as Nick, Justin, and I travel around sam­pling local brews this Fri­day, July 3rd!

Who Am I to Judge?

There is a verse in the Bible about judg­ing oth­ers. Both Chris­tians and non-Christians alike absolutely love to throw it around as the final mic drop to any argument.


Jesus AND Judge Dredd?!
Best. Post. Ever.

The prob­lem is that one can’t sim­ply use one verse out of con­text and apply it willy nilly. The under­ly­ing theme of that pas­sage con­tin­ues in sub­se­quent verses. The point of Jesus’ teach­ing here is “speak­ing out against the kind of hyp­o­crit­i­cal, judg­men­tal atti­tude that tears oth­ers down in order to build one­self up” accord­ing to my Life Study Appli­ca­tion Bible.

You may be won­der­ing, “MC! When did you become a thumper of the Bible?!”

Well, to be fair, I’ve believed in the Bible for as long as I can remem­ber, but that isn’t the point of this post.

On June 4, I shared a story on my Face­book page from the Alabama News Net­work about a mom that had police stage an arrest of her son after he was “con­stantly dis­re­spect­ful” and “mis­be­haved in school”. The post asked if folks felt this was “tough love” or “too far”.

One of the com­ments on my thread read:

Can’t say too far or not, I’m not there. I don’t judge oth­ers for the choices they make. It is their life not mine. Who am I to judge others.

That was one reader’s opin­ion, but it got me think­ing. That last sentence…“Who am I to judge oth­ers”? I basi­cally get a bi-monthly pay­check to do that very thing.

Now, I’m not actu­ally a judge. I don’t have a weird black robe fetish or any­thing. The only robe I do own is green for one thing. But when you stop to think about it, don’t we want our police offi­cers to judge folks? Do we not make judg­ment calls day in and day out?

Those calls can range from the sim­ple infrac­tion and whether or not to issue a cita­tion to mak­ing the deci­sion to take another person’s life.

The penal code allows for lat­i­tude in many respects. There are cer­tainly what we call “must take” (read: arrest) crimes in which any dis­cre­tion is removed from the offi­cer and then there are crimes that are “may take”.

For exam­ple, domes­tic vio­lence calls? Some­one is most likely going to jail…even if the vic­tim decides they don’t want pros­e­cu­tion. But a shoplifter? We can sim­ply cite those peo­ple out (read: write them a ticket) and cut them loose.

The judg­ment pro­vided to police offi­cers by the laws of the land allow us a great bit of lat­i­tude. It’s one of the things that dri­ves my buddy, the Happy Medic, nuts…the fact that I can arrive at the same crash scene and decide whether or not Fire/EMS is needed, but if they show up and some­one wants to go the hos­pi­tal for a paper cut, they are required to take them.

Return­ing to the orig­i­nal thought in this post regard­ing Jesus’ dis­cus­sion on judg­ing, we must keep in mind that (and I’m para­phras­ing here), Jesus was more con­cerned about us mak­ing sure we have our own shit together instead of judg­ing other people’s abil­ity or lack thereof in han­dling their own shit.

He sums it up nicely by saying:

…First get rid of the log in your own eye; then you will see well enough to deal with the speck in your friend’s eye. 

–Matthew 7:5

Are cops judg­men­tal? Yup…call it an occu­pa­tional haz­ard. At the risk of evinc­ing images of Jack Nichol­son in A Few Good Men, not only do you want us to be judg­men­tal, you need us to be.

Do we always make the right judg­ment? Of course not…that is the risk you run when you put fal­li­ble humans in charge of enforc­ing laws. Most of the time, though, not only do we get it right, we get it right while remain­ing pro­fes­sional, com­pas­sion­ate, and forthright.

The Crossover Show 009

The Origin Story...Tarantino X-Men Style

crossover showEvery story has its origin.

The Crossover Show is no dif­fer­ent; rather, the hosts are no different.

Come along to dis­cover when/how/why Motor­cop and the Happy Medic came to be your hosts and, more impor­tantly, life­long friends.

From col­lege days and an alleged date between MC and a pre-Mrs. HM to a retreat shared years apart and an anony­mous inter­net date request, MC and HM were des­tined to be.

Enjoy The Crossover Show’s Ori­gin Story!

(No BOLO today…we are noth­ing if not slaves to break­ing the rules. #Irony)


Happenings Around MCPD

Where to find MC

#SoulCrusher doing what he does best.

#Soul­Crusher doing what he does best.

Over the past year or so, MCPD has seen quite a bit of growth. Between releas­ing an eBook, writ­ing for Uni­form­Sto­ries and, reboot­ing my pod­cast with the Happy Medic, and writ­ing my next book (more on that in the very near future), it occurs to me that folks may not know all of the places I can be found.

Con­se­quently, I thought I’d offer a one-stop shop for you to get all your MC-goodness in one con­ve­nient location!

I am an avid social media whore user whore (may as well call a spade a spade, right?) so you can find me on the inter­webs here:

The Waze App Controversy

...or what I call the "Bunched Panty" Effect

WazeI love tech­nol­ogy. The fact that I can read the same book on any num­ber of devices is freak­ing awe­some. If I for­get my iPad, I can also launch my Nook app and *BAM* I can pick up where I left off.

I can also stay con­nected to social media (which I usu­ally enjoy, but doesn’t dom­i­nate my life), have con­ver­sa­tions via text or Face­book Mes­sen­ger with friends and fam­ily the world over.

Recently, the Wife told me about Waze, a traf­fic app that updates traf­fic in real-time by other users (Waz­ers?!). When I leave work, I can hop on Waze and send the Wife an ETA on my arrival at MCPD. Waze will let me know if there are col­li­sions up ahead or if traf­fic is heavy. It can also sug­gest alter­nate routes.

There is one fea­ture, how­ever, that seems to have some LEOs in a tizzy: the Police feature…and it’s got some folks all twisted around the axle.

This fea­ture allows a user to drop a pin where a police offi­cer is. It could be col­li­sion related. It could be a traf­fic stop. It could be where the offi­cer is “hid­ing”. There are those that see it as an offi­cer safety issue and are ask­ing Google, the own­ers of Waze, to remove that func­tion­al­ity. The con­cern is that if peo­ple know where an offi­cer is, the offi­cer may become the tar­get for violence.

Now, I’m not say­ing that isn’t a dis­tinct pos­si­bil­ity, because it absolutely is.

The Crossover Show 008

The Uniform

crossover showOur hosts, MC and HM wel­come their first guest of the Crossover Show Reboot: Ben Pugh with!

The guys talk with Ben about the ori­gin of Uni­form Sto­ries and the (alleged) heav­ily drug-influenced deci­sion to invite our ques­tion­ably intre­pid hosts to con­tribute to the site.

This week’s episode is brought to you by all the words that rhyme with pew.  Don’t worry…it’ll make sense when you lis­ten to the episode.

No BOLO this week as our com­plete focus was on Uni­form Sto­ries.  Check back next week for a return to our reg­u­lar format!